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About Mirchi Nation

“Mirchi” refers to the spice used in the Indian food. Curries based on Mirchi are the base for several dishes and an integral part to cuisines globally. We started Mirchi Nation as an ode to spices and delicious cooking. We believe our restaurant and every Mirchi Nation represents a way of life. A way of life where spirits are free, where beautiful memories are preserved, and food is community. We love feeding people and welcome you to our restaurant.

Our food will appeal to the most innate of your senses, sure, at the end of it all, to leave you craving for more.

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    Daily Fresh Menus

    What’s in the menu is never the same. We create and change recipes so you can enjoy your favorite food in the best taste and styles.

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    Fresh Ingredients

    Let’s enjoy food the way they are supposed to be - healthy and tasty. This is made possible with the direct farm ingredients that we get to keep you happy.

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    Tasty Meals

    Our chefs are masters with their amazing passion for food who like to make lip-smacking food look classic and smell savory.