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About Mirchi Nation

Behold the tale of Mirchi Nation, a culinary odyssey that began in the heart of Malborough, where we kindled the flame of spice-infused enchantment. Like the magical dance of spices in an Indian curry, our restaurant quickly became a hub for those seeking extraordinary flavors and heartwarming experiences.

Embracing the legacy of Mirchi, we embarked on a flavorful journey, crafting dishes that transcend borders and bring people together. Each visit to Mirchi Nation is not just a dining experience, but a celebration of life's vibrant tapestry, where aromas mingle, tastes harmonize, and laughter reverberates.

With our culinary prowess and the love of our patrons, we have gracefully flourished in Malborough, sparking a fire in every heart that tasted our creations. And now, we are thrilled to share that our journey continues to unfold as we proudly opened our newest treasure – a dazzling branch in the enchanting streets of Brookline!

Welcome to Mirchi Nation - Malborough's culinary gem, and now, Brookline's newest delight!

Our food will appeal to the most innate of your senses, sure, at the end of it all, to leave you craving for more.

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    Daily Fresh Menus

    What’s in the menu is never the same. We create and change recipes so you can enjoy your favorite food in the best taste and styles.

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    Fresh Ingredients

    Let’s enjoy food the way they are supposed to be - healthy and tasty. This is made possible with the direct farm ingredients that we get to keep you happy.

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    Tasty Meals

    Our chefs are masters with their amazing passion for food who like to make lip-smacking food look classic and smell savory.